Anesthesia QCDR Reporting

What to know for anesthesia providers reporting their patient experience data to a QCDR for the 2021 MIPS performance year.

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Quick Facts

  • Eligible clinicians and groups participating in MIPS in 2021 are required to report on six measures, one of which must be an outcome measure, for the full program year in the Quality category.
  • SurveyVitals patient experience data can help anesthesia providers meet one measure (AQI 48 – Outcome) in the quality category for those utilizing a QCDR as their reporting mechanism.
  • You must sign a disclaimer in 2021 with SurveyVitals in order to report your patient experience data to a QCDR. These disclaimers do not carry over from year to year. (i.e., if you participated in 2020, you will still need to complete a 2021 disclaimer). Want to learn more about reporting or having trouble accessing the reporting disclaimer? Contact your Client Account Manager or email us at
  • SurveyVitals supports NACOR (Anesthesia Quality Institute), Anesthesia Business Group, and Anesthesia Quality Registry (Provation).

Important Deadlines

  • October 1, 2021: Deadline to sign SurveyVitals QCDR reporting disclaimer
  • October 31, 2021: Deadline to register with AQI (NACOR)
  • January 31, 2022: AQI deadline for Jan – Nov data submission
  • February 14, 2022: AQI deadline for final data submission 2021
*Check with your selected QCDR on registration deadlines and other important dates specific to the QCDR as they may vary.

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Interested in reporting your patient experience data via a QCDR? Sign a 2021 SurveyVitals reporting disclaimer and your Client Success Manager will reach out to facilitate your MIPS reporting for the 2021 performance year.
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